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Manuka Honey MGO 100+ Soap

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MNZ's Soap with monofloral Manuka Honey MGO 100+
Available in 100gr.

Natural soap based on coconut and olive oil with MGO 100+ Manuka Honey

Composition: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Water, Manuka Honey perfume, Vegetable glycerine, Salt, Manuka Honey, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond oil.

Manuka honey has been known for centuries for its extraordinary properties and is recognized worldwide as a valuable ingredient for skin care. At MNZ ® we strongly believe in the power of nature and have delved into the science behind Manuka honey so that we can offer you a unique and beneficial experience for your skin.

The Secrets of the Manuka Flower - Manuka honey is extracted from the nectar of the rare Manuka flower, which only thrives in the pristine landscapes of New Zealand. This honey is special because of its high content of methylglyoxal (MGO), a compound responsible for the unique hygiene-supporting properties of Manuka honey.

Powerful Antioxidants for Radiant Skin - In addition to its high MGO content, Manuka honey contains an abundance of powerful antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E. These antioxidants protect the skin against harmful free radicals, which can cause aging and cell damage. By regularly using Manuka honey on your skin, you can promote a radiant complexion and support the skin's natural renewal process.

Deep Hydration and Nourishment for your Skin - A standout property of Manuka honey is its supportive ability to retain moisture in the skin. The honey can contribute deep hydration and nourishment, potentially reducing dryness and roughness. In addition, Manuka honey can help rebalance the skin's natural oils, making it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

A Soothing and Restorative Experience - The beneficial properties of Manuka honey go beyond just moisturizing and nourishing. This honey is also known to help soothe the skin and promote the natural recovery process. It helps reduce redness, irritation and acne, while softening the skin and promoting a healthy appearance.

MNZ® MGO 100+ Soap: Authentic New Zealand Craftsmanship - At MNZ ® we have embraced the unique properties of Manuka honey and proudly present our MGO 100+ soap. This luxurious soap is made with our exclusive raw MGO 100+ Manuka honey, lovingly made in New Zealand according to age-old traditions. Each bar of soap is carefully packaged by hand, with an eye for detail and craftsmanship. With MNZ ® you can be confident that you are receiving high-quality products that embody the beauty of New Zealand's natural world.

An All-round Supportive Care for Your Skin - Our MGO 100+ Manuka honey soap has been specially developed to support your skin with hydration, nourishment and cleansing in a way that only the highest quality ingredients can provide. The carefully composed blend of rich and sustainable olive oil, coconut oil, the refined scent of Manuka honey, vegetable glycerine, MGO 100+ Manuka honey, shea butter and sweet almond oil provides an unparalleled experience of luxury and wellness. Enjoy the beneficial effects of these ingredients while the soap gently cleanses, supports, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice - At MNZ ® we place great value on sustainability and respect for the environment. Our MGO 100+ soap is completely plant-based and is never tested on animals. In addition, it does not contain harmful substances such as phthalates, SLS, parabens, GMOs and BHT. Choose our soap with confidence and contribute to a cleaner world, while enjoying the best supportive care for your skin. The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Be Enchanted by the Natural Fragrance of MNZ® - Close your eyes and be transported to the lush New Zealand landscapes, where the unique aromas of Manuka honey surround you. Our MGO 100+ soap is infused with a delightful, phthalate-free fragrance, developed by leading perfumers in New Zealand. This sublime natural fragrance experience stimulates your senses and provides an enchanting scent experience during your daily care routine.

Make MNZ ® MGO 100+ Soap a Daily Ritual - Our MGO 100+ soap is perfect for daily use and is an indispensable addition to your care routine. With our ethical approach and the use of natural ingredients, our soap offers you the highest quality and a harmonious addition to your daily life. Discover for yourself the unparalleled quality of MNZ ® MGO 100+ soap and treat yourself and your loved ones to a valuable and luxurious skin care experience. Immerse yourself in the secrets of New Zealand's natural splendor, captured in a wonderfully scented soap that envelops your skin in softness and beauty.

Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (Saponified Olive Oil) - Function: Surfactant, Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil Saponified) - Function: Surfactant, Sodium Stearate (Stabilizer and Thickener) - Function: Stabilizer / Thickener / Emulsifier, Aqua (Water) - Function: Helps preserve of shape and appearance, Manuka Honey fragrance * - Function: import functional fragrance into the final product, Allergens: Benzyl alcohol *, Geraniol *, Vegetable glycerin - Function: moisturizer, Sodium chloride (salt) - Function: import hardness to final product, Leptospermum scoparium mel (Manuka Honey) - Function: humectant / moisturizing / emollient, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) butter - Function: emollient, Prunus Dulcis Oil (Sweet Almond Oil) - Function: skin care, CI 77492 (yellow oxide) - Function: cosmetic colorant to to stimulate natural yellow color of Manuka honey, Tetrasodium glutamate diacetate - Function: chelation / emulsion stabilization / viscosity control
Cruelty-Free International


Measuring the presence of Methylglyoxal (MGO) is one of the most important compound in Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey MGO 100+ must contain at least 100+ mg/kg Methylglyoxal (MGO). The higher the Methylglyoxal (MGO) values, the more powerful the high-quality, unique and natural bio-active properties are.

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MNZ produces only raw/pure manuka honey of different MGO values ranging up to MGO1500+. Click here for extensive information about manuka honey and find out which MGO value suits you best.

BPA-free packaging
Processed and packaged in New Zealand
MNZ produces only raw, monofloral manuka honey
MGO 100+
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