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“A grading system must be scientifically sound, based on a method that has been published and can be applied in laboratories. This is certainly the case for the MGO Manuka Honey classification.”
Quote from Professor Thomas Henle – discoverer MGO – University of Dresden (Germany)

In 2006 Professor Thomas Henle of the Technical University of Dresden demonstrated that Methylglyoxal as a compound is responsible for a unique, high-quality antibacterial activity and thus characterizes the unique and high-quality qualities and antibacterial activities of Manuka Honey. Professor Thomas Henle substantiates that testing for Methylglyoxal (MGO) levels in Manuka Honey is a reliable, quantitative and scientific method. Professor Thomas Henle and the team from the University of Dresden showed that the amount of Methylglyoxal (MGO) in the Manuka Honey is directly related to the level of this unique, high-quality and special antibacterial Manuka Honey. Professor Thomas Henle and his team continue to work on scientific publications on the unique qualities and special benefits of MGO Manuka Honey.

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