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Propolis liquid (alcohol free) 30ML.

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What is Propolis?

Bees produce propolis by mixing plant resin with their enzymes, thus combining both natural defences substances developed by their individual immune systems with the plant-immune properties of the resin.The purpose of the propolis is to create a sterile environment inside the hive to protect the bee colony from disease. New Zealand’s rich source of native plants and trees leads to bees producing propolis with novel properties compared to propolis produced in other countries.

Propolis is a Nature’s Powerhouse

Propolis has been known to us for centuries and has been used for its healing properties. Ancient Egyptian, Persian, Greek and Roman physicians used it as a medicine for sores, ulcers, bruises, eczema, myalgia, all kinds of inflammation and rheumatism. Currently, propolis is widely considered as a natural powerhouse to support our natural immune system. Because of its natural high antiviral activity and natural properties it is popular for skincare and allyear round natural support for the whole family. Propolis supports the natural immune system during periods of infections, colds and flu. Propolis also has a tremendous support function within our Manuka Honey & Propolis toothpaste.

What makes MNZ’s Propolis unique:

• High concentrations of Phenolic acids and Flavonoids
• High levels of Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE), a key Phenolic compound intensively researched by the world’s medical and scientific community
• Five flavonoids in the largest concentration of any propolis worldwide. At least 200mg per 1 ml of propolis liquid
• CAPE and the five flavonoids work synergistically to elevate health outcomes for users

Why Propolis from New Zealand?

Propolis from each country has a diverse range of compounds. Globally, there more than 180 different chemicals in propolis with floral type determining the composition for each country. However, the composition of propolis varies considerably from region
to region along with vegetation, climatic conditions, from season to season, and from hive to hive. Studies demonstrated that New Zealand propolis contains exceptionally high levels of beneficial flavonoids and phenol acids and esters in comparison to other
countries. In particular, Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) is found at high levels compared to other countries.

Benefits of MNZ’s Propolis:

• 100% New Zealand Harvested Propolis
• NZ-Cape30+; Rich in CAPE and other bioflavonoids
• 100% Pure Propolis for immediate absorption and immune support
• Alcohol FREE

Comparison of Propolis from different geographical areas
Content of CAPE in Propolis Sample from different countries
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